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/We are one more step ahead

We are one more step ahead

The earlier establishment of Maxibi is to become a well known software company. In order to achieve this mission, we had to establish a system that able to determine how our target customers use technology in everyday life (mobile phone and computer). This information was analyzed and recorded in our Odoo ERP Enterprise system where we are one of the open source contributors at GitHub. This study also helps us on how to categorize platforms for development and help our target users to use our solutions more efficient. Hence, our initial step was to provide an extra nature of business in order to obtain this information. We had provided this extra services on repairing and servicing computer and mobile phone for more than 2 years.

On May 2018, we have decided to remove our extra nature of services and operate fully in the software development in order to achieve our main mission and objective. This means that we will not offer any repair services starting May 2018.

We will be moving our operation in software development by closing our operation in the current HQ that focus only on sales and repair services. Please do not mistaken, that we are not closing our business, we are changing our nature of business by removing the repair services and product sales where our core business depends heavily on the software development. We have customers who are still using our subscription-based solutions such as Sofibox Cloud Hosting, ERP and CRM Solutions. If you are using these solutions from us with the contract , we promise you that you are still getting the technical support as stated in the contract. Other than that, if you have warranty from device repair and product that you have bought from us, we are still providing this warranty with the condition that you have the original receipt of purchase. If you are a company that has signed up for on-site job repair, we have sent this notification and we apologize that we have to cancel the on-site job contract for any device repair except for ERP on-premise server installation and on-site ERP on-premise technical support contract.

From now on, we are excited to work on few software projects that going to be exposed soon! Just stay tuned 🙂

If you have any inquiries please let us know.

Email: info@maxibi.com

Mobile: +60137508750

Thank you! 🙂

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